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Tire wear

Tire wear

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Tire wear

Need help on why my tires are wearing like this. Tire shop said alignment, but alignment shop said it wasn’t off enough to cause this type of wear. All four tire look the same.

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Please help. I have a 2016 r/t. I took my vehicle to the tire shop and all four of my tires had severe inner wear as seen in photo. All four tires looked the same. Tire shop replaced tires which only had 30k miles on them. They said it was my alignment. Specialty shop stated my alignment was a little off, but not enough to cause the tire to do that. I have already had to replace all four brake pads at 12k miles and I am getting really discouraged with this car. If anyone can provide some feedback back it would be much appreciated. I would take to dealer, but not wanting the headache.

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