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Feb 10, 1969 (Age: 48)
Reno, Nevada
Government Mule

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400 cubes of Goodness!!!, 48, from Reno, Nevada

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Jan 16, 2018 at 8:58 AM
    1. GeorgiawhiteRT
      appreciate you posting a reply to my cam question...any chance you know someone closer to me or perhaps a shop you use does..thank you in advance for any help you can give
    2. Zagzoo71
      You check my post before I test drive that white 2011 Charger AWD tomorrow? Thanks.. Looks like something electronic is hooked up around the fuse box area.
    3. Jimmysmooth
      Got my daughter an 07 charger police package she is have ignotion problems. She did tje reset now the ignition wont do anything
    4. Dubs
      Question on cat back exhaust on a 2016 5.7 HEMI. I realize without a full header, high flow cats, and exhaust it won't sound that loud or throaty. But what would be the best way to get as close to that sound with just doing a cat back setup? I'm leaning heavily towards the Borla ATAK cat back setup. Any suggestions from experience? Any info is greatly appreciated.
    5. MsCharger07
      Hello. Have a quick question; hopefully you or someone may have an answer. The gascap light just came on; 2007 Dodge Charger SXT; any ideas?
    6. Reezie843
      Hi RenoRob, thanks for the welcome! I, in fact do need do I add photos to my profile?
    7. Jeirokcastle
      Need some help a 08 charger rt, a few questions on suspension issues. I'm getting this annoying rattle which sounds like a bad strut but I replaced the struts, the links, and I am still getting this noise. I was told the upper control arms, then someone else said the strut tension bars. I'm getting a lil angry and confused as the pocket keeps getting lighter. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
      Hi RenoRob; A belated, (like 3 months), thank you for the kind words. It has been a positive experience on their forum so far. Everyone has been so gracious w/ their knowledge & experience. I look forward to possibly, someday, meeting some of the guys/gals @ a Charger social event...Greg
      1. RenoRob likes this.
    9. Webb Eazy
      Webb Eazy
      That's what I need to hear lol,Only the best. Will do thank you sir.
    10. chrgr2007
      hey, there? what are some quirks that any of you have experienced with your charger along the way? anything ?
    11. DavidSRT8
      I cant recall if the Trinity will work on a 2014.
    12. DavidSRT8
      Hello Bob. Will changing the Thermostat on the 6.4 liter make it react just like it did when I did the swap on my 5.7 liter? I still have the Trinity I used on the Daytona.
    13. DjOneOne
      Thanks for the welcome!
    14. MJO12RT
      Thanks Rob. This site seemed like the best Charger Forum site
    15. DavidSRT8
      Hello Bob. Did you happen to see that they are bringing the Charger RT Daytona back for 2017? So far in a video I only seen a yellow one. Maybe a red also. If FCA decides to continue it in 2018 I have a feeling we will see a Sublime and Plum Crazy also.
    16. chargerboi09
      Thank you very much. Still learning how to use this site and it looks very helpful. It also gets my heart pumping for many new ideas for my Charger.
    17. DodgeGal23
      Hello there RenoRob and thanks for the warm welcome! I do have a question and unsure where to post it. I have recently purchased a 2013 Charger and noticed that it makes a whistling noise when in reverse. Wondering if anyone has had this issue before.
    18. SRTAndy
      You're welcome, brother!
    19. super bee
      super bee
      That is some tempting stuff
      What are they putting in that thing next to be parting all that stuff out
    20. Out2k
      Never mind, i found it, i did not see the mods, radio / aftermarket area before i made the post, in the general 2014 disscussion area. Thanks
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    Feb 10, 1969 (Age: 48)
    Reno, Nevada
    Government Mule
    Charger Daytona
    Vehicle Year:
    6th Gen - 2006
    Top Banana
    You want me to remember everything?
    The performance changes I've made are: JBA exhaust, Aria cold air intake, Modern Muscle CNC Ported 85mm High Velocity Throttle Body, Samco Hemi Orange Silicone coolant hoses, Billet radiator and heater hose clamps, Diablo Sport Predator, billet waterneck, Jet FLo 180 thermostat, and a Billet Technologies oil catch can, SLP Brake Line lock system, Razors Edge strut tower brace, hood struts, SLP underdrive pulley, DMH low profile cutouts, Aeroforce scanning gauge, Pro Torque 2800 high stall torque converter
    On the appearance side of things, I've done my best to stay away from tacky add ons. I love billet and have a host of engraved billet accesories. Daytona billet coil pack covers, R/T engraved washer fluid lid, radiator cap, ac port cover, fuse box cover, power steering set, "Daytona" doorsills, door pin bezels, speaker trim rings, door handle bezels, Daytona emblem trunk and floor mats, BMC trunk lid liner, Moroso aluminum coolant and power st
    My Charger, my quads, mountain biking, fishing


    Engine work by Sinister Performance
    Inertia 5.7 based 400 cu. Stroker
    12.7 @ 107 mph run prior to stroker
    Inertia Premium Big Valve Heads, Ported SRT Intake, Kooks LTs, Pro Torque 2800 stall converter, Getrag 3.73 LSD
    SLP underdrive pulley, MM 85mm TB, and so much more!

    Life is a Highway - Go Mopar! Charger Daytona R/T Top Banana #772
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