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  • Swolja ·
    I saw on Sharks latest post that you are thinking about going to Austin on the 5th, and that it is also your birthday?

    Well in that case I just might have to go ahead and mark that weekend down in my calender. If you are thinking about looking for somewhere to stay, I have hotel connections with every "Choice" brand hotel. I was the Assistant GM of a Holiday Inn turned Quality in over in Seabrook, and am still in good graces with the GM and the Employees.

    Let me know as soon as you figure out if you will be going or not, I can get us set up at a hotel at the "friends and family" rate and it will be an amazing price!
    Swolja ·
    Hehe It is not too bad of an issue on my end anymore.. Right now we have decided to be alone and figure things out, So I don't have to worry about responses anymore. She calls/txts me whenever is convenient for her, and I always respond.. Like a Gentlemen I might add :)
    haha its all good.. Another question though while your on, do you happen to know about halos? I just ordered dual colored leds and a 12v multifunction remote kit. But I am just now realizing that I dont think the multifunction remote can control two colors and I shouldve got the 4 channel do you know if I'm right or not?
    Flamechaser4tx ·
    I gonna due everything in my power to make it out. First thing I have to do is get the day off. Since the take over, everything has been chopped, so I am hoping for the best. I am also trying to get some folks from the east and southeast to come out. SCLX is having their big monthly event on that day also, but I don't think I will have to much trouble getting some folks to come to MB.
    Krazy Kim ·
    I can set up a subforum on the other forumz (tell me which ones you want) but you guys will have to post the info. I would run the fundraiser by Clay. We don't usually allow other car clubs to be mentioned.
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