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  1. Charger glass headlights?

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hello! I own a 2009 charger. My headlights are pretty pathetic anymore, dull sun faded. I pretty much have to high beams to see light on the roads. I live in Colorado so I need good light for the winters. I have been looking at replacements (resurfacing them seems to be a waste of time...
  2. 2009 3.5 Charger - Need Trailer Hitch

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hello all. I need to find a trailer hitch for my 2009 3.5 sxt charger. I don't plan on hauling anything super heavy, would be nice to pull a camper, but... it's only a V6 and it is not a truck. I cannot afford a truck right now, but I have a small harbor freight trailer and just need to be...
  3. Wiper lines cracking? Replacement options?

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Hello all. I did not find a specific section for "wipers", hope I am no in breach of protocal. I have been having an issue with my wipers, last year I had to replace my driver side nozzle as it stopped working. Now the entire system isn't work well ( i get a little out of the driver side...
1-3 of 3 Results