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  1. 2010 SXT Rear Suspension

    Dodge Charger Chassis - Suspension
    Have a 2010 with the rear wheel toed out. Have done the professional alignments and replaced the tires repeatedly for years. Is there an after market camber kit that will straighten out those rears tires? Wife Loves the car but is tired of the rear sway and tire wear. Thanks in advance!
  2. I miss my 2010 Charger... dislike my 2014 Charger

    Newbie Check In!
    Hello everyone Noob here, In 2010 i went to the doge dealership looking to get a dodge avenger, i had recently rented one and enjoyed it. the salesman said we just had a charger returned on leased and this is def more your store. And he couldn't have been more right i loved the car. and kept...
  3. WTB 2008-2010 Charger R/T

    Dodge Charger For Sale
    If you are, or know anyone selling a 2008 to 2010 Charger R/T please let me know! Looking for something below 70k miles. A V8, R/T, or daytona Package. Located in Texas but willing to travel.
  4. Uconnect Phone not Available.

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hi I'm new here, I just picked up a used 2010 Rallye, according to the paperwork I have ( I dont have the owner's manual unfortunately) I have the media center 430 RBZ. When I press the voice and or the phone button I get a message on the screen that says "Uconnect phone not available". Does...
  5. Pls hlp! Installed center console on police charger now need to cover hole where shifter was!

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    2010 Dodge Charger, has a police package so shifter is behind steering wheel. I installed a regular charger center console but don’t know what to do with the hole left behind. Is there something on the market to drop in there and create more storage? Does anyone on here build something that...
  6. Need Help ETC & Engine light Over Heated won’t start 2010 Charger

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    I have had so many problems with this car since I bought it in February. It’s a Dodge Charger 2010 sxt 3.5 l. My latest problem is yesterday morning the lightning bolt light on the rpm also know as etc came on along with engine light I read to restart I did and they went off. Went to drive today...
  7. 2010 Charger SXT 3.5L - Cold-Start Stalling

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Hi, I'm new here and have a problem that I can't find anywhere else. There are similar problems, but none that I've found quite like mine. I have a 2010 Charger SXT (3.5L HO) that is bone stock. Recently, the car stalls every single time I cold-start it. It cranks (full speed) for a few seconds...
  8. Consistently Cold-Start Stalling

    Dodge Charger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi, I'm new here and have a problem that I can't find anywhere else. There are similar problems, but none that I've found quite like mine. I have a 2010 Charger SXT (3.5L HO) that is bone stock. Recently, the car stalls every single time I cold-start it. It cranks (full speed) for a few...
  9. 2010 HID headlights need help

    Lighting and Electrical
    Im looking to buy HID's for my 2010 charger. I have bought a few different styles but i couldn't seen to get them to function. I currently have the spyder style after market projectors Can anyone point me to a good brand for HID's or a style...
  10. 2010 Charger Horn Not Working Properly

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    About a year ago I got into a fender bender that required some front end work. About 6 months ago I finally had to use my horn to come and find out that it doesn't work properly anymore. I never went back to the shop about this. Perhaps that should be a stop I take soon... The horn will only...
  11. Dodge Charger 2010 interior lights not working, trunk release not working...

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Recently noticed that the lights in my car don't work. Quite a few things don't work like they all went out at once, so I assume that one thing as went out to cause all of this: -No interior lights (ceiling 2 in the front, and the 2 in the rear over the doors) -No status indicators (like the...
  12. 2010 Charger

    2010 Charger

  13. Need Help Finding a Pedator Tuner!

    Diablo Predator, InTune, Trinity Questions & Info!
    Hello I have a 2010 Dodge Charger SXT and I've been looking for a Predator tuner for a good price but I'm not having any luck. If anyone knows where I can pick one up for a good price please let me know. Also, I read somewhere that I would also have to buy a USB cable or some shit? I'm not...
  14. Newbie from Dallas, TX 2010 3.5L SXT

    Newbie Check In!
    Wassup guys I'm HD and new to the Forum and am eager to gain a lot of knowledge about my car. Don't have any mods on my car yet but I want to do a lot to it to get that muscle car feel. Any mods you all suggest I should start off with? Magnaflow over Flowmaster? Diablo predators or any other...
  15. The 2013 Danko Charger Unveiled!!!!!

    Danko Reproductions, Inc.
    After 4 years of design work and serious progress, we are proud to unveil the 2013 Danko Charger ! If you are interested in this project, please don't forget to do 3 very important things: First, subscribe to this thread, as I have a lot of secret progress pics that I've been hording and I will...
  16. New Custom Danko Taillight Designs ---> NEED FEEDBACK - Please VOTE!

    Danko Reproductions, Inc.
    Which of the 2 Old School Charger Taillghts do you like best?? Please Vote in the POLL at the TOP of this thread or your opinion will not be counted! - If you want a set, subscribe to this thread below and get on the pre-order list!! - - 68...
  17. New wheels! Please help!

    Wheels And Tires
    Hello guys and gals, it's been awhile since I have posted on here, college has been keeping me (an my wallet) busy. So I havnt had anytime to get on here or make extra cash to do anything to my car. But now tha it's summer I have been working and made back some money so I'm going to put new...
  18. Newbie from Da N.O living in the Q.C.

    Newbie Check In!
    Hello All...I am a proud owner of a 2010 Black Charger SXT...Not brand new but it sure is BRAND NICEEE and when I finish with it, my baby will simply be DAYUM NICEEE!!! Looking forward to soaking up all the info and knowledge I can from you all...Thanks for making me feel welcomed! Lexx and...
  19. Best performance mods ?

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.5L
    I was going to dress the car up, but i much rather get it moving faster and better. Its a 2010 SXT. Please feel free to reply with some Performance Modifications.
  20. hello everybody how do i take off 2010 bumper off

    Newbie Check In!
    Hello i have taken off screws top to bottom im trying to put a police pushbar and this dam bumper wont come off if anyone can help phone 561-633-8576 email [email protected] ive taken around the wheels and under the car on top so either im missing a screw or the hooks are holding it in...