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    I purchased a set of 20in chrome clads last summer. I only used the wheels for one summer, June - October. There is one minor curb rash on the wheels. However the damage is to the lip and not the chrome section itself. The rubber on the wheels are Falken 245/45 20. I'm getting married and...
  2. Wheels And Tires
    My next purchase is 20 inch wheels and tires for my 2007 AWD charger RT. I needed to know what to look for to make sure I don't have any problems....such as rim size,offset, back spacing and bolt pattern. ((((plus the best looking tire size for 20's))) does the SRT's and RT's with factory...
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    The seldom seen 07' R/T with Road & Track Performance Group. Shipped from 3 States away. C'mon!