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  1. Audio/Video
    Hello! New member here. I have a 2016 Charger R/T with the alpine audio system. There is no sound from either front door speaker. The dash speakers and rear speakers work. Any possible solutions/fixes? Thanks! Jack
  2. 2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    Not a Pro But I'm Super Happy!
  3. 2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    hey guys. I’ve got a 2014 charger rt with the beats system. Sound was cutting in and out one day. at first, there was no sound, then it would just magically start working after driving a few miles. Well now it won’t produce sound whatsoever. Even after driving for 100+ miles, it won’t produce...
  4. 2018 Dodge Charger Forum
    My Daytona has the 8.4 head unit with the 19 Speaker Harmon Kardon configuration. I was itching to throw my stuff in the car when I got home but soon to realize this was going to be an ass pain. What I have discovered is the rear deck has 2 x 6x9's and 8-10 in "sub". All three of these are set...
  5. 2015 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hey guys this is just an FYI that if you want to add a 4 Channel or Sub amp to your charger and get a clean signal you will be able to soon. PAC Audio is coming out with the AP4-CH41. Its a t harness that connects to your stereo, so it appears to work with amplified and non-amplified systems. It...
  6. 2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    Alright I believe it's time my baby gets a new sound system. My 2013 Dodge Charger SE needs a new sound system to replace the factory one. I am looking to replace every single speaker on the car and get a nice quality system. I am looking for a good sounding system and also want to add some boom...
  7. 2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    I have installed many basic systems before without a hitch, BUT, recently I attempted to install a sub, amplifier and line control without success. No sound from rear at all. LC2i line controller turns on, amp turns on. I bought everything from Crutchfield and their techs haven't been able to...
1-8 of 8 Results