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  1. Sound System Suggestions

    2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    Alright I believe it's time my baby gets a new sound system. My 2013 Dodge Charger SE needs a new sound system to replace the factory one. I am looking to replace every single speaker on the car and get a nice quality system. I am looking for a good sounding system and also want to add some boom...
  2. Any Recommended Full Audio Upgrades?

    2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    I just got a 2014 Dodge Charger SE and I have to say my moms 2010 Camry has a better system than what my Charger has. I want to fully upgrade the system asap. It has the Uconnect 4.3/RHA, 6-speaker system. I'm trying to get a new screen, speakers, and tweeters and what not. Being as I am not a...
  3. Specs on 9 Speaker Alpine 506 Watt Amp

    2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    Anyone have any specifications on the amp that comes from the factory? I know its 506 watts and I believe it is 2 ohm. Looking to do aftermarket swap via plug and play and not rewire my whole car unless I absolutely have to. First I need to know what kind of speakers and subs I would be able to...
  4. Need help getting into the dash speakers

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 2.7L
    I have looked at the car and I don't really know how I would get those front dash speakers. I know my car doesnt have them but I want to put them in I did look around and I am convinced it can be done and that the harness is there just dont know how to get past the covers. If someone could show...
  5. In dash t.v.

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    What's going on guys it's the general lee 2009 I'm new to the fourm. I just brought a 2009 dodge charger and I'm trying to find out if I can put a in dash t.v. (navi) in there with out cutting any dash?
  6. Upgrading REF radio to RES or any 08 Model Radio

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    I have the base REF model radio w/ 4speaker for my 07 Charger SE+... however I saw an RES model on Ebay and ordered it for 71.25 so i can just get the IPod adapter to charge my itouch since the REF is not compatible with this type of upgrade. So my question is will i need a Wiring Harness...