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  1. 2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    hi, I'm new to the forum and I just got 2013 charger r/t. I installed mopar intake about 2 weeks ago and I just got billet catch can. After I put it in, engine check light came on. I think it's in safe mode and it's doing bunch of funky stuff. When I drive it, it never goes to eco mode and when...
  2. Dodge Charger SRT8 General Discussion
    Just installed a red annodized Billet engine dress up kit in my 2008 SRT8. Let me know what you think. Next I'm thinking about painting the air intake, fuse box, and a front sway bar to match.
  3. 426 Stroker 456 RWHP - 470 RWTq

    426 Stroker Engine by Power Ported Performance Mild Cam, Ported & Polished Intake, Bee Hive Springs, Custom Diablo Predator Tune, Kooks Long Tube Headers, Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust, Custom Billet Technology Appointments
  4. 2007 Charger With Billet Grill

    This is my 2007, V6 Charger. I added the billet grill, fog lights, and window tinting to make it a little sharper. I like it. I also added a K & N cold air intake. I don't get any improvement in gas mileage like I hoped, but it does sound nice and does add a tiny bit of pep. I mad a YouTube vide
  5. New Front Emblem

    Thanks to Billet Technology for the new Emblem. Looks MEAN!
1-9 of 11 Results