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  1. Newbie Check In!
    Was going to buy a Camaro. Rented one for a weekend and did not like it. Found the 2012 Super Bee instead and it is Awesome. No need to post a pic at this point -- just got it and it is the Stinger Yellow, completely stock right now.
  2. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    So yesterday my granddaughter and I stopped at McDonalds for lunch. Once in the play area I located a seat that I could watch her and admire my car at the same time. A Synergy green Camaro SS pulled in and slowly did a lap around my car, then stopped directly behind it for about one minute...
  3. Kills and More Kills
    just headed back to the street after going through a definately spotless cleaning. so motivated and just want to go downtown of mainz (its really downtown because you need to slide down some hills. i saw while i get back to street a camaro (it reminds me on transformers again and again)...