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  1. SDTW Direct!
    This was my second year attending with SDTW Direct, so I made sure to take plenty of pictures to share with y'all. Enjoy! (girls/models at the end lol =P) -AL of SDTW Direct
    I don't know if you guys are aware that Speedlogix has a meet up/show ever first Sunday over in Miami and was wondering if any of us here in FL go. Would like to meet some of you. Let me know if ever been. I found out about it from my brother and just wanted to put it out there.
  3. SDTW Direct!
    As many of you know, SEMA / AAPEX was last week in sin city Las Vegas! Myself and others had the opportunity to attend and meet up with clients, businesses, friends, etc. Here are some pictures and videos that I managed to take, and yes, I did make sure to spend more time in the Dodge area lol...
  4. NAV-TV - MyGIG Integration - Dodge Charger Accesso
    Hello everyone! Join us for Palm Beach Car Meets' Launch event! Palm Beach Car Meets is South Florida's premier car gathering where car enthusiasts can enjoy the company of people who share their passion of fine automobiles in a safe and fun environment. We will be hosting meets at the...