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  1. 2018 Charger R/T Super Track Pak "Mango"

    2018 Charger R/T Super Track Pak "Mango"

  2. Charger police rebuild

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Im very interested in doing a 2011-2014 rebuild with my dad and cant find anyone going in depth rebuilds on youtube or anywhere else. Could use the help finding some help and info on building one. Few things i wanna do is engine swap with a low mileage engine, new suspension, new interior...
  3. 2019 Dodge Charger SXT - HID Kit and Cold Air Intake

    2019 Dodge Charger Forum
    Has anyone upgrade their led lights to HID? I cant seem to find a 9005 hi/lo hid bulb. I already have the 55 watt ballast just looking for bulbs. Also, im trying to upgrade to a cold air intake. any ideas on what brand is good ive never had one before in any of my cars. It is a 2019 3.6...
  4. Connecting Heated and Cooled Seats

    2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hello everyone, A couple of months ago I installed heated and cooled seats into my 2011 SE and I have the codes set up on the radio, but I just need to actually, connect heated and cooled components. I have power running to the driver and passenger, just need the heated and cooled components...
  5. Vinyl stripes adhesive remover help!

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    I have a 2015 Charger and it came with factory racing stripes over the top of the car. Less than 2 years later the stripes started to pit and the silver began getting black spots so I removed them. I used turtle wax vinyl adhesive remover and a blow dryer to loosen the adhesive. Anyway... 2...
  6. Danko Predator and Raptor Grille Pictures

    Danko Reproductions, Inc.
    So finally I have some pictures of the very first Raptor Grille all the way from Germany, so I thought it would be a great way to kick off a new picture thread of Danko grilles for the 2015-up Dodge charger...It will look even better as soon as he installs the eyebrows in a couple days !
  7. 2009 dodge charger

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Anyone know what the problem would be when I turn my headlight switch to the on position, my headlights work but my tail lights flicker for a half a second! Everything else such as headlights, turning signals, hazards etc. only thing that is off is my license plate light and my tail lights I...
  8. Checking in Missouri

    Newbie Check In!
    Hey everyone! Didn’t know forums for Dodge Chargers existed!? But can’t wait to get more in depth in the forums! I’m currently having a problem with my 2009 Dodge Charger SXT, What happens is my Tail lights and my license plate bulb goes out when I ACTIVATE my headlight switch to the on mode...
  9. Help me diagnose these issues please!

    2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    Just want to start by saying this charger belongs to my roommate and he is gone for a year due to college. I told him I would look after it and drive it. There were some known issues that I will go over that he was lazy about and kept saying "I will send you money and you can take it to a...
  10. Squeak With Acceleration

    7th Gen Dodge Charger
    I've got a 2018 Charger SRT. I've been trying to read all of the place to see if anyone else has this issue. I know two of my buddies have Chargers and have experienced this, but my car lets out a short but prominent squeak up starting the car and acceleration/deceleration. It's a short...
  11. Ripp mods coilpacks for charger 3.6

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 3.6L
    Installed these today. Installation wasnt too bad, the hardest part was removing the bracket behind the throttle body after that its very simple. I only have 50k on my original sparks plugs so I did not replace them. Throttle is more responsive especially in sport mode. 0-60 times did not...
  12. Exhaust help

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I was thinking about removing my catalytic converters on my 19' charger scat, and I was wondering if that would trigger a check engine light? Also, I currently have a muffler delete, would removing my cats make the car even louder? If removing the cats is going to trigger a...
  13. Good Morning from Oregon! 2012 BSP Charger R/T.

    Newbie Check In!
    Hello! I've been lurking a bit while researching Dodge Charger R/Ts over the last 6 months due to needing room for two car seats in the next month (Baby due mid September!). My 2013 Mustang has been wonderful over the last four years and I managed with one car seat for almost two years...
  14. Hello from Sacramento Ca

    Newbie Check In!
    2017 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7 Stock Any thoughts on the first performance uprgrade i could do? thanks everyone!
  15. Electronics going haywire. PLEASE HELP!

    Dodge Charger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I have an 06 dodge charger 3.5l With 156k Miles. Only recent work I have had done is two air bag recalls, but since then at random points (and its getting more and more frequent) My Emergency brake lights up, along with the windshield wash light, My radiator fans will kick on, My lights will...
  16. 2015 Charger R/T Road and Track Radiator Replacement

    2015 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hey All! I have a 2015 R/T that is at 59,900 miles and I am seeing signs of a coolant leak. It looked like it was coming from the upper inlet hose area and spraying a good amount onto the cylinder head and fuse box so I replaced the hose (and added a 180 Degree thermostat while I was in there)...
  17. New wheels confused on offset.

    2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    im looking to purchase new wheels for my 2013 charger rt. Currently I have 245/45/20 tires on it, and not sure the specs of the current wheels, I was told stock chargers are safe from +15-+25mm for the offset, but also told by another that you’re safe up to +45, I’m worried about interfering...
  18. Swapping 2013 2.65 rear end for used 3.90

    2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    New to the forum and am looking to lower the gear on my 2013 Charger rt 5.7. Was looking at used ones and can find a ton of used 2006-2010 3.90 rear ends but will those fit our cars? Any input is appreciated
  19. 2019 Scat Pack Muffler Delete Questions

    2019 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out. I wanted to beef up the sound of my scat by doing a muffler delete, but unfortunately the strict laws of California aren't suitable for that. The area I live in has very few cops and I haven't been pulled over since early 2018. I'm a...
  20. Engine Light! Please Help!

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hey all, so I have the P1004 code on my '08 Charger SXT. I bought this car used and have been trying to clear this code for the past month. I installed a new runner actuator on the right side of the intake, but the code persists. Upon further research i found that some people have had success...