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dash kits

  1. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Hi everyone, Ive been looking everywhere for pictures of a carbon fiber dash kit installed on a charger or magnum. I see that some good kits include the Carbon by Design and wooddashexperts, can anyone recommend a better kit? Come on people, show me some sweet dash kit pictures!
  2. Miscellaneous For Sale
    I have an 07 Charger SE and I am selling a sony touchscreen DVD/CD player, dash kit, with a JL audio 500/1 amp, and two w4 subs all together for $800. They sound really good in my charger. The combination hits soo hard that I have to turn down the gain to below half way. I live in Columbus, GA...
  3. Newbie Check In!
    i have a base model charger with only appearance mods. my chargers black and has chrome doorhandles tail lights window pillars and 20" TIS rims. i have about $800 in my pocket cuz im jus a junoir in highschool. i cant decide on what my next mod should b. i will get a job this upcoming summer so...