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  1. 92 octane fuel with a 93 octane tune?

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Hey whats up guys and gals, Any hour now I should be receiving my predator from FedEx, my question is this. Do you think putting 92 oct gas in and running a 93 cai tune would be fine, or will it cause my engine to knock? The reason I ask this is because in Washington where I live, the...
  2. cut my cats with codes but predator has no option to disable

    Diablo Predator, InTune, Trinity Questions & Info!
    i cut my cats a long time ago and installed str8 pipes. . i've been getting the cel of course with the code for o2 sensors. my predator doesnt give the option to disable rear o2s, unless im overlooking it.?? i bought my predator april 2010. i tried updating it recently as well, but it would let...
  3. Sxt perormance upgrades

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.5L
    Hey there, I am not realy feeling the boost that I am looking for after (in order) 1st k&n intake system 2nd came the diablo predator, third was flomaster single in duel out exhaust system. I'm really not feeling like the car is much quicker imean I definetly feel like is is a little wicker but...
  4. Diablo Predator HP increase

    Newbie Check In!
    Hi I have a 06 Charger 5.7L. Does anyone know roughly how much horsepower increase I will attain by using the Diablo Predator? Any performance stats using the Predator would be great also. Thanks in advance
  5. just got my diablo predator?

    Diablo Predator, InTune, Trinity Questions & Info!
    i just got my predator.. im kind of car illiterate when i comes to cars. can anyone help me through this? do i just plug and go or do i need to download something first? i dont want to mess up my car so any help would be awsome.. thanks...
  6. Fathers Day Mods

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    About a week ago I ordered a 180 thermostat, not a big mod but something I could do cheap to settle my itch of upgradeing something after seeing all the great cars and the all Texas meet and great. Well it came in the mail today so I was glad that I would have something to do this weekend (or an...
  7. SC Flashpac, HyperPAC or Diablo Predator?

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Hi there fellow Hemi-heads… First time poster here. I’ve been reading over the forum as time permits. I have a 2006 RT. So far all I have done is tint the windows, add a CAI, and redo the exhaust from the stock headers back. She sounds really good, but not too loud…it growls real nice when...