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  1. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 3.6L
    I am going to buy a tuner. I am looking for the most bang for my buck. I am trying to decide between the Intune DCX or the Trinity. I am not going to the track, so I do not need gauges. I am unsure if I want to track live data, so I don't know that this matters in the comparison. I am looking...
  2. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.5L
    Anyone have any good advice on where to get a programmer for a good price?
  3. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.5L
    First things First, Daaaaaaaamn. It arrived first thing this morning. I went for a pre-install ride around the block. Went back home and Installed the predators 93 octane setting (easy as pie, took about 3 min.) then went for the same ride. WOW what a difference, I had no clue that an...
1-3 of 3 Results