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  1. Lighting and Electrical
    So maybe a month ago I started to get this lightning bolt that would occasionally come on after me driving for a long time, while it is on if I tried to go over 55 the car would begin to stall. Eventually my car started to sound weak starting up and finally it just wouldn't cut back on. Took it...
  2. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Hi Firstly, apologies if I'm not up to date with local etiquette or I've posted this in the wrong place, it took me half an hour to get here and I'm in total despair with this problem, I have looked everywhere watched every video, read the same information over and over again , tried everything...
  3. 7th Gen Dodge Charger
    Has anyone figured out how to completely turn off the TCS without pulling a fuse or installing an aftermarket button yet?
  4. 2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    Does anyone else have a 2014 Charger R/T and use the Diablosport inTune-DCX? I got mine a few weeks ago primarily to turn off the ESP and MDS. I installed the 91 octane tune, turned off MDS, boosted the throttle response to 15%, and stiffened up the transmission shift firmness and I have to...
  5. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    07 SXT 3.5l Intake manifold valve sensor code (comes and goes) P0128 Coolant temp is ALWAYS LOW P2181 Coolant Temp Rapid change or too slow to change P0730 Incorrect gear ratio? (trans is trying to mechanically shift to a lower gear than intended) U1411 FACTORY SPECIFIC implausible fuel level...
  6. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.1L HEMI
    Hello, I was reading some of the threads on here and couldn't find the method I use to turn the esp off. In my 2006 and 2008 srt's, I put my car in drive at a complete stop. I just hold down the esp button for about 5 or 6 seconds and a message will come up saying that the esp has been disabled...
  7. My noESP switch

    This is my no ESP switch right next to the hood latch
  8. General Interesting Facts & Info
    Hi all … the paragraphs below are cuts from posts in the thread about this “over there”. . . my own comments at the end … “all I do is turn the key to the right as if I"m starting the car, but you have to do this when your in drive and moving. Won't work if not moving, this will light up...
1-8 of 8 Results