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  1. Plum Crazy Side Shot

    Plum Crazy Side Shot

  2. Miami Chapter
    I wanted to let you all know about a club meeting my car club is having this week. It's an open (any make) car club but it is a great group. We have a number of events a year, meet about 25 times a year (every two weeks) and participate in car shows as a group. We have a few Mopar owners in...
  3. Newbie Check In!
    Hello. I read this forumn ALOT and figured it only right if I post something. I have had this charger for 1 year now, and changes were mostly cosmetic to accomodate family. I have 5% tint and dual 7'' headrest screens which hopefully I successfully posted a pic of. I had a 350z but with two kids...
  4. Treasure Coast Chapter
    I was talking with peOn about arranging a M&G in Jensen Beach @ the Treasure Coast Mall on a Tuesday night. Every Tuesday night they have a classic car show get together. I figured that would be a cool place to meet up, talk Chargers, and to catch some other cool rides. I wanted to get an idea...