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  1. 2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hello I was wondering how could I hook up my rgb fog lights. I had the red wire going into the circled location in the photo as I saw on YouTube but after awhile it threw off my abs and power steering lights.
  2. 2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hello, The passenger side fog light in my baby has gone out and I was thinking about upgrading rather then just straight replacing it. I've currently got the stock ones in there, but I'm hoping to find something brighter. What do you guys suggest? Thanks a lot!
  3. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hello, I want to upgrade my headlights I dont mind dropping $300-$400. I really like the look of the LED headlights like these "2LHP-CHG11JM-TM" (Google). My issue is im not super car savy. The stock headlights suck, they are not bright at all, I bought some new bulbs but couldnt figure out...
  4. 2015 Dodge Charger Forum
    hello! It's my first post here, anyway I have bought the cool "typeS" 8" app-controlled smart light bar at my locat autozone and wanted to install the in place of the fog lights. For the se drivers you know there is no actual fog light just the in-lay for one. Does anyone know a way or even a...
  5. Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    i dont understand how to remove the led bulb on my charger scat pack ....any idea how to do it ??? desperate help needed....anyone ???
  6. 2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hello all - sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else but I couldn't find it doing a search. I want to know if there is a way to turn off the DRL and fog light drops on my car. I was looking at the Zautotech Tazer, but Ive seen it priced anywhere between 180 and 250 bucks. Seems a lot...
  7. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I'm having some electrical problems with my 2011 Charger. I installed the factory fog light kit and now I have multiple electrical problems. The driver low beam is out, the car won't let me start it, the power steering service warning is showing on the dash control screen, the passenger parking...
  8. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    My lights are finally done.. After a good 4 hours or so of work in my driveway my lights are FINALLY the way I've always wanted them. During the installation with my bumper ripped apart and parts laying around everywhere my girlfriend asked me I what I was doing to which I happily replied...
  9. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I finally got around to installing my Oracle White Plasma Halos, Dyode Dynamics XML2 Foglights and Sylvania Silver Star Ultra High beams this past weekend on my 2011 RT MAX. I have OEM HID lowbeams so I did not need to do anything there. I couldn't be happier with the look and how bright...
  10. 2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hello all, The day time running lights on my 2014 Charger SRT are boring, what are some options on making it look better? Xenon lights? are they plug and play? Are there any halo lights that you don't have to bake open and hope you seal them right? Thanks for your help! Tim
  11. 2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    It was a struggle to find my foglights bulbs but I managed to find them in blue. I must say they are awesome in person, they're dark blue but when you're driving with them on they light up the whole area purple
  12. 2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hey guys so I have picked up some new lights for my car to go in the fog light bezels. Also I am going to paint a new grille I just bought, and I have a few questions. How should I go about sanding it and painting? Already have a semi flat black paint picked up. Also how do I move the middle...
  13. 2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hey guys, I want your opinion on these LED driving lights (fog lights) that I just found on eBay. I actually think they look pretty sweet. They are a plug 'n play application and work off of your stock fog light wiring. I've never been a fan of the stock fog lights. Thoughts. Thanks!
  14. 2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    Yeah so does anyone know the bulb numbers on the 12s? I'm looking to closely as possible color match my stock HID lows with the highs and fogs. I'm thinking 5Ks will work? Also if anyone knows of what type of bulb I should get.. I'm looking into some 5K LEDs right now but not sure they will be...
  15. Foggy day

    Early morning on the back roads. Way too washed out, but I liked the way it turned out.
  16. Foggy day

    Early morning fog on the back roads.
  17. Foggy day

    Early morning fog on the back roads.
  18. Foggy day

    Early morning fog on the back roads.
  19. Foggy day

    Early morning fog on the back roads.
1-19 of 21 Results