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  1. Dodge Charger Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    RB5 Navigation P68210554AH 2014 Charger pull. Garmin CTP 14 (highest is 17 upgrade-able) Comes with Radio Code. Verifed Working in own car. (See photos) $300 RE2 Non Navigation P05091035AH Radio.Believe it to be a 2012 Unit. Broken FM Antenna holder. Still connects. Not verified...
    $1 USD
  2. Dodge Charger Interior Mods & Audio / Video
    First off let me explain what I would like to do. I would like to take the space below the radio and climate controls and put a GPS unit down there. Now the problem with that is I would like to buy or make a piece of trim to go around the GPS unit to make it flush with the rest of the Center...
  3. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Just wanted to let people know my experience with this specific model. I purchased it off eBay and it arrived in Canada after 6 days which was impressive. It comes with a Canbus box. The Canbus adaptor had 4 on/off switches. Instructions were in Chinese. Contacted seller and he was quick to...
  4. 2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hey there, I have a 13 charger with the rb2 radio and I want upgrade to an rb5 so I can have nav and Sirius travel link. Here's the question, is is a simple swap or am I opening a can of worms. I found a this website,, they make it...
  5. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Hey guys, I have a gps/dvd touchscreen head unit in my 2010 Charger.. I wanted to see if anyone knows how to bypass the screen lock so I can use the gps and watch dvds on the go... And rewiring the parking brake does not work... Help PLS
1-5 of 5 Results