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  1. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Hey everyone, So I just installed a set of oracle halos (hi-beams and low-beams + fogs) that are controlled through a 5 pin LED push button switch that I installed next to the shifter inside the car. Currently, the button turns the halos on and off regardless of whether or not the car is on...
  2. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Cop makes a u-turn to pull me over but only because the cop wanted to know where I got my 345 emblems (thank God although I wasn't doing anything wrong). I give him the info and decided let me ask what color halos are legal in Georgia. He says the ONLY legal color is white. So I ask why not...
  3. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Since i know a lot of us here have after market lights, I figure why not show off some bad ass lighting pics. I for one take many pics of my car. So here let me share some of the lighting pics just to start this thread off.
  4. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Well, I've learned a thing or two from my own experience and that of others, and I've been posting it here and there - I think it's time to put it all in one place. A lot of this is basic stuff, but some of it answers very specific questions that have come up, and answers are often hard to come...
1-18 of 35 Results