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  1. 2018 Dodge Charger Forum
    My Daytona has the 8.4 head unit with the 19 Speaker Harmon Kardon configuration. I was itching to throw my stuff in the car when I got home but soon to realize this was going to be an ass pain. What I have discovered is the rear deck has 2 x 6x9's and 8-10 in "sub". All three of these are set...
  2. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Just wanted to let people know my experience with this specific model. I purchased it off eBay and it arrived in Canada after 6 days which was impressive. It comes with a Canbus box. The Canbus adaptor had 4 on/off switches. Instructions were in Chinese. Contacted seller and he was quick to...
  3. Dodge Charger Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    This is a factory REN head unit from my 2010 Charger . I bought it from another forum member but need money for tires. Some features include a full touch screen, 30GB HD, Sirius satellite ready, CD/DVD, MP3, WMA, USB input, 3.5mm headphone jack AUX input, etc. Keep in mind, this is NOT the...
  4. 2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    Kinda sounds stupid but I have my 11 now and been slowly doing mods (pics coming soon), Its and SE and the sound system is... well lacking to say the very least. I want to upgrade the speakers and put in an amp and sub nothing crazy tho like under $1000. I dont want to lose the applications that...
  5. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Hey guys :D so i just bought a used rec navigation unit and bezel. the only thing im missing is the gps antenna. I was wondering is this the right one if...
  6. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    I am looking for a touch screen nav, mp3, sirius, cd, dvd, MP3 uploadable head unit for my car. Does anyone have any suggestions. I need the nav because I get lost everywere and touch screen is bad to the bone. Any suggestions would be great.:4-dontknow:
1-6 of 6 Results