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  1. Remote Start Question

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I may be completely wrong in this question, but does the remote start feature make the car louder for a temporary amount of time? It seems significantly louder when I remote start it, instead of push button start. This may be a complete illusion. By the way I own a 19' scat pack...
  2. P0513 Incorrect Immobilizer Key

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    I might possibly have a bad alternator, but that's another issue. I got an OBDII scanner/reader tool and while my check engine light comes on, the only code it reads is "(Immobilizer pending SAE J1930 approval)". I have read that this can happen if the battery is unplugged for too long (which...
  3. Key fob left vehicle

    2015 Dodge Charger Forum
    Car has left me stranded 3 times where it doesn't recognize the fob key. After about 10 or 15 minutes waiting and unlocking and locking door locks it starts. Already changed batteries on control.
  4. Replacement key fob?

    2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    I have a 2012 R/T Max AWD, and for some reason the key fob that I never use doesn't want to work anymore. I took it in and the dealer told me it was dead and wanted $300 for a new key. It works when I push the fob against the start button, but if I try to just leave it in my pocket it won't...
  5. Remote Start Issues? Help!

    7th Gen Dodge Charger
    So, tonight after I got off of work, I try the remote start and the lights only blinked once. Which I thought was weird. I walked up to the car to see that the screen read "key not detected" and I couldn't start the car because the brake pedal was stiff in place. Then the screen would go white a...
  6. 2008 Charger, can't remove FOBIK, accessories still powered.

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Spending my morning researching this. My 2008 Charger has recently developed the problem of not releasing the FOBIK when I park the car and attempt to turn the key to the OFF position and remove it. The key does not go all the way to the normal 45 deg position, will not come out of the ignition...
  7. Help!!! Keyfob not working

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    So yesterday I covered my drivers side door with sound deadener material. Before this my key fob was working perfectly. Had never had a problem with it before. Now it doesn't work at all. It won't panic,unlock, lock, or pop the trunk however it does work to turn the vehicle on. I have already...
  8. Key Tricks..?

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Was trying to google and search this site on the key tricks. I know the one that tells you the error codes but how about other key tricks. I wanted to disable the headlights from coming on when you unlock the car, but don't have the EVIC. Sorry if this is already in this forum already but I...
  9. Key FOB

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    When I purchased my Charger in April I only received one key fob. I am in need of a second one and it is my understanding that they cost close to 200? If I am going to spend the money, I want to get something a little different. I am looking at something a bit more fancy/custom. Maybe one...
  10. Transmission stick and Key was stuck

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Please help! Got a dodge charger 2008 sxt, I was driving yesterday and the engine just went off when i stop at a traffic light, obviously caused traffic. I tried to start the ignition again but the key was stuck, put the transmission to parking and it was also stuck, cant move them both, there...
  11. Car shuts off after 2 seconds!!!

    6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Hello folks 2007 Dodge Charger RT -I only have one key/remote (getting another) -some red light on the left side near the check engine icon kept blinking My car cranks up for about two seconds and shuts itself off. My little girl had hit the panic button on the remote after slobbering on...