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  1. 2018 Dodge Charger Forum
    Purchased a 2018 Charger pursuit with 34,000 miles. The car is equipped with keyless passive entry. The passenger side door works with keyless passive entry, but the drivers side and the trunk do not. I have checked for the passive entry antennas in the center console and in the trunk and both...
  2. 2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    :OMy Charger (5.7L Hemi) is running like it has an anchor tied to it! My engine has lost a great deal of power and my fuel economy...well let's just less than it was. My dealer said that it was because of the "weather", and I wondered if there is any truth to that. I know, you are...
  3. 7th Gen Dodge Charger
    My 2-wk old 2011 Charger R/T Max does not unlock or lock the door from the driver's side using the lock button on the door handle, like it originally did before my sister unlocked the car from the passenger side when I was standing beside her. It's like the passenger side has become the primary...
1-3 of 3 Results