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  1. Miami Chapter
    FIRST MEETS OF 2013! UPCOMING MEETINGS FOR JANUARY AND FEBRUARY! THE MEETINGS ARE EVERY OTHER THURSDAY. For January it would be the 10th and 24th. For February is would be the 7th and 21st. The next SSP meetings! We've been posting about these meets for a long time now. We've been all...
  2. Miami Chapter
    NEXT UPCOMING MEETINGS! THE REMAINING DECEMBER MEETINGS ARE THURSDAYS, DECEMBER 13th (this week) & DECEMBER 27th... The next SSP meetings! I've been posting about these meets for a long time now, so I am sure you all can dig up the details... Come and join us. I feel we have the best...
  3. Miami Chapter
    NEW LOCATION - NEW UPDATE FROM PREVIOUS MEETS - PLEASE READ BELOW The next SSP meeting! But this time we have a new home with some great benefits. We will have significantly more parking! We are meeting at a great restaurant and we'll be having dinner there after we hang out for a while. We...
1-4 of 4 Results