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  1. Engine & under hood mods
    So, I am about to buy a dodge charger (2006-2010). The ones near me are all V6 models. The 2021 Challenger SRT Super Stock sounds amazing to drive but i don’t have $100k on my nightstand. So, would the engine block fit in one of these chargers? It’s a 6.2L Supercharged V8 (807 HP Hellcrate...
  2. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hello group. I recently bought the heated and cooled cup holder for my car. It did not come with this as an option. I already did the mod on the cup side of the connector to the wire harness. (Example picture added. Mine is the same mod as others have done). My car side wire harness has 4...
  3. All Wheel Drive Chargers
    First and only mod to date, Tazer. Too many good options to list. Definitely worth the cost. Before Tazer, I pulled over to change address on nav and while doing that some random (not popo) starts tapping my driver side window - not happening again - Tazer allows passenger to make changes...
  4. Newbie Check In!
    Whats up Charger Fam!? Back with another Hemi after letting the Camaro go. First mod I am looking to do is SRT vented hood and bumper. Any out there for sale? 2016 Dodge Charger RT
  5. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 3.6L
    When reality is shown in numbers, stay positive and keep modding!
  6. Newbie Check In!
    New to the forum! I'm 23 in California, bought a 2017 Dodge Charger V6 looking for mod ideas and eventually plan on stepping it up to the Big Hemi in a year or two. Making the best of what I have for right now!
  7. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 3.6L
    We are unique, uncommon, but are still Mopar. Keep on building guys!
  8. 2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    Has anyone ever seen a 13 rt with a LED Lightbar on the roof? does it seem like a easy mod?
  9. 2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hello everyone, Looking to find out if there are any step by step tutorials or if anyone in the Georgia area who knows how to do a camshaft swap on a 2013 Charger RT would be willing to help...I have no issue throwing some money your way but everytime I hear $4000 just to put in a camshaft I cringe
  10. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I just ordered a Diablosport Trinity T-1000. I have a 2007 r/t. I was wondering what type of improvements to expect. I'm planning on running a 93 octane tune. Also does anyone know around what the 0-60 times would be with it?
  11. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    First of I am new to the form and fairly new when it comes to owning a charger. I love modern muscle cars and drag racing, but I don't a ton about them. So far I have absolutely loved owning a charger. I am only 18 and work part time at Starbucks due to school so money I don't make a ton of...
  12. 2011 Dodge Charger Forum Just thought I'd share my current build with everyone. If you have any suggestions please feel free to add to it.
  13. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Gentlemen, (Ladies), I am considering whether or not I should buy and install a supercharger onto my 2015 Charger R/T (5.7). MY questions are: can the vehicle handle this kind of a boost? (transmission, engine block, etc) what other modifications will I need to invest in to keep my vehicle...
  14. SXT Exhaust
    So Im wanting to go from the stock system to a single Flowmaster Super 44 or Super 10, Not sure how aggressive i want it to be. My Questions are along this line, Is there much Benifit to going with the X pipe over the Y if I run 2.5 Inch from the Y back. Also, Whether I went X or Y, I'm only...
  15. 2016 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hello, I am interested in a 2016 Charger RT. Unfortunately the car does not have a spare tire and uses run flat tires. Just out of curiosity, do all 2016 chargers not have a spare tire? More importantly, the dealer said he could add a spare tire on the bottom of the car exposed to the...
  16. Dodge Charger Interior Mods & Audio / Video
    First off let me explain what I would like to do. I would like to take the space below the radio and climate controls and put a GPS unit down there. Now the problem with that is I would like to buy or make a piece of trim to go around the GPS unit to make it flush with the rest of the Center...
  17. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hello everyone, After reading through the entire build thread and reading all the attached threads I am more motivated then ever to start my build. Some really creative and talented people on this forum that's for sure and great support too. Anyway a little about my background in cars and...
  18. Product Reviews.
    Hey guys, I just wanted to share a review I did of my EZ Lip chin spoiler a couple months after installation. It's one of my favorite mods I've done so far.. I really wanted to make a video of how well it performs. Enjoy the exhaust note as well. :TU:
  19. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    This mod is more so for people who have installed Halos or Spyder headlights. With my Spyder LED DRL headlights the LED bar portion is lit up when the parking lights are activated (Also when the beams are on) The one thing I didn't like about this is that both the amber signal and corner...
  20. Custom Charger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    My lights are finally done.. After a good 4 hours or so of work in my driveway my lights are FINALLY the way I've always wanted them. During the installation with my bumper ripped apart and parts laying around everywhere my girlfriend asked me I what I was doing to which I happily replied...
1-20 of 28 Results