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  1. 2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    I've seen the 2015 digital gauge swap and I pretty much got it planned on my charger but also wanted the 2015 steering wheel, it's sleeker and I think is compatible with the new dash Didn't see any threads or vids on YouTube about that combo but will it work alone or still need a tazer?
  2. Custom Charger Exterior Mods - Body
    Im going to install a spoiler on my 2014 SE Charger tomorrow, I was looking for recommendations on the best thing to use on the holes themselves, and the bolts to seal them from water and moisture. The foam pads it comes with might work, but i rather be safe than sorry. It never hurts to go the...
  3. 7th Gen Dodge Charger
    I've seen a few Ipad installs, but none quite like this... (Skip to 1:50) Blew my freakin' mind!!!
  4. Newbie Check In!
    Hello everyone, I recently bought an '11 Charger Rt w/ awd. its got a little over 50k miles on it and it rides beautifully. I commute a lot for school and work. I was curious as to what mods I should start out with and then move onto some internals. Yet I want to keep her reliable. And I...
  5. 2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    So far The modifications have all been performance enhancing. However I came across this hood and I can't seem to get it out of my head. So the pros are it's very aggressive. However? Is it too much?:4-dontknow: It is very similar to the former (Dodge) Viper hood. All of the vents are real so I...
  6. 2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    I have a 2012 6.4L srt8 superbee. I've thrown on an SLP Loudmouth Backcat exhaust as well as an aFe Magnum Force Stage 2 Pro Dry Intake System. Right now I can't do any engine mods or tunes because I don't want to void my warranty. So what else can I throw on performance wise that can help me...
  7. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    hey guys i have a 08 charger 2.7L i wanna buy the blasting bobs 10db dual exhaust conversion kit but i know nothing about exhaust and im not doing it for performance just like the dual look and sound of duals without it sounding like a honda what kinda mufflers should I go with? help
1-7 of 7 Results