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  1. 2017 Dodge Charger Forum
    Every time I play music on my Bluetooth or USB plugin the song will play for a few minutes then stop, I will have to replay the music again. What can be the problem?
  2. 2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    I'm not sure if it's a thread on this or not. But can someone please help direct to where I can find either aftermarket or oem door panels for my 2014 charger rt. I want to do a little fiberglassing but don't want to use my original beats panels.
  3. Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    I put a sub in my car a while ago and just put a better amp in.. But the car seems to have a bass limit where it stops the sub from getting louder... Any one else have this problem and if so how to change it? Thanks
  4. Miscellaneous For Sale
    Brand new ordered it then change my mind... comes in original box, instructions wires etc Asking $40 shipped for it. DG2200: 2 Ohm stable stereo operation with output power increase Remote turn-on/turn-off circuit Power Handling 50W RMS x 2 @ 4 Ohms 200W Max x 2 @ 2 Ohms Variable input...
  5. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    I have a 06 R/T and am so tired of burning cd's, is there any way I can connect my iPod to the ride? I have tried those things that you put in the lighter and play the iPod through the aux wire but there's too much static. Any feedback would be helpful.
  6. Audio/Video
    As people find out more about the new 2011 UConnect Music capabilities this first post can be updated. WEB FACTS From: - Integrated Gracenotes® database provides Music ID and Album Art as well as generates voice tags allowing songs...