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  1. NAV-TV - MyGIG Integration - Dodge Charger Accesso
    NAV-TV just release the new feature for GARMIN NAVIGATION, the LIVE TRAFFIC. So now you can avoid traffic if you are using GARMIN NAVIGATION. This is for the CHARGER OWNERS with MYGIG or NEW UCONNECT (4.3" or 8.4"). We have solutions that allow you to install GARMIN into your factory radio, as...
  2. NAV-TV - MyGIG Integration - Dodge Charger Accesso
    NAV-TV offers more than 400 solutions for all different car brand and two of the top 5 best sellers are for DODGE CHARGER. 1 - All the cars equipped with the MYGIG RADIO, with or without navigation, we offer the ALLGIG KIT, plug and play unit on the back of the radio which allow you to...
  3. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    Hey guys, I hope this isn't a re-post, but does anyone know if the MyGig is compatible with the older chargers? I have a '06 Daytona and the old Navi is NOT cutting it for me. I want the new one. What do I need? and how can I pull it off? Any ideas?
  4. 6th Gen Dodge Charger
    I saw the MyGIG navigation\entertainment system in the newer Chargers. Very Nice!!! 1) About How much would it cost to get one installed in my 2006 Charger R/T? I have the older navigation system. 2)Is there a way to get one without getting it from the dealer? Thanks!!!!