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  1. Oil Change

    2017 Dodge Charger Forum
    Going to be doing an oil change for my 17 Charger R/T this weekend. This will be the first time I will do it on my own, as I've taken it to the dealer for its first two. Any recommendations on what oil and filter to use? I hear a lot of good things about the Mobil 1 and Mopar filter combo, but...
  2. When to switch to Full Synthetic Oil

    2015 Dodge Charger Forum
    What is the recommended mileage to go to full synthetic oil? I've heard 10,000 miles. It needs conventional oil until everything is wore in (So I've been told). That sounds like a lot. Also, is Penzoil Full Synthetic what is recommended for the Pentastar V6? I've heard the oil was developed...
  3. 2015 Charger SXT 3.6L V6 Factory Oil

    2015 Dodge Charger Forum
    Does anyone know what oil Dodge uses at the factory to put in the Charger with the Pentastar 3.6L V6? I want to change the oil after the first 1000 miles and I'd like to use the same brand and type of oil the factory has already put in it. Please let me know. Thank you.
  4. "Oil Change Due" HELP!

    Oil Change - Lubrication - Fluids
    So I started up my car today and the "Oil Change Due" light illuminated on my dash. Funny thing is, I had my oil change done at the stealership at 56500kms and I'm now at 59600kms... This made me immediately nervous as when I had my vehicle serviced they put a dent in my rear fender.. Full story...
  5. My first DIY Oil Change on the 5.7L

    7th Gen Dodge Charger
    I changed my own oil for the first time today. I wanted to go with Synthetic and figured I could save some money and at age 48, it's not too soon to learn to change oil on a car. (I've been changing my oil on my motorcycle for a long time...figured it couldn't be that different.) I have the...
  6. Second Oil Analysis on New 3.6L Pentastar

    Oil Change - Lubrication - Fluids
    In case you are interested here are the results of my second oil analysis. The factory fill is the first, which was changed out for Mobil 1 5W-30. Currently running Quantum Blue and will analyse that when the car hits around 16K miles. I'm doing this just to follow the break-in and overall wear...
  7. Oil Life Monitor

    2011 Dodge Charger Forum
    So this morning I get in the car and fire her up, it then dings at me and tell me Change Oil Soon (something along those lines, cant remember, half asleep here lol). Question being, when I had her serviced last time, the sticker for the next oil change says 41434. I just now hit 41458, and its...
  8. Something wrong with Oil Change indicator?

    2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    I recently changed my oil at about 92,00 miles. The dealer preformed the oil change, and it was just regular oil, not synthetic. Today, I'm at 11,100 and the indicator popped up. It's been popping up all day, every time I turn on the engine. I popped the hood, and checked the oil, which it...
  9. Question regarding 2nd oil change on Pentastar v6

    Oil Change - Lubrication - Fluids
    I got my Charger SXT Plus last year, and about a week ago I got my first oil change (done at my dealer). I planned to change it myself, however my dealer offered a free oil change. I took it in with 7505 miles on it. So I took my car in, waited at the resting area for about 2 hours. They did...
  10. Charger gal from Ohio

    Newbie Check In!
    :gy:Hello I found this site because I checked the oil in my 08 Charger SE 3.5L V6 and there wasn't a drop of oil on the car does not smoke nor does it leak. I live on a hill and have parked it a several angles and never a drop of leakage. Anyway I am a student working on my...
  11. Best oil filter for 3.6L?

    2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    Both me and the wife now have vehicles with the 3.6L. I know not every company is making these filters yet but what are you guys running? The wives jeep will need an oil change soon and im thinking about doing my first oil change in the charger. Any input is appreciated!
  12. Dealer Oil Changes

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Does the dealer check the transmission fluid when you get an oil change. According to them, they check all fluids and fill, and examine the whole vehicle (ie, brakes, tread, shocks, etc). My trasnmission has been a little clunky lately and I don't know if the really take the time to check or not.
  13. 3.6 oil change

    Oil Change - Lubrication - Fluids
    Well today I went to change the oil for the 1st time and I was suprised to find that the oil filter looked like this once I opened the package: I thought I had the wrong filter but after finding the filter location is on top of the engine and not where I thought it was below. I unscrewed the...
  14. What is Best Oil and Filter for 06 Charger R/T

    Oil Change - Lubrication - Fluids
    Hey Everyone, I have a 2006 Charger R/T HEMI with 30,000 miles. 1) I wanted to know when it's time to get an oil change what is the best Oil and filter to use to get great performance and maybe a little more milage? I heard something about Royal Purple, but I wans't sure. 2) How often...