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  1. 2014 R/T AWD

    2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hello! I am new here. I have a 2014 R/T AWD. I love my car, but I am not a huge fan of the look of it anymore. I had a 2017 Daytona l, but couldn’t justify the cost any longer as I don’t really drive anywhere. I have been looking at the new 2020 GT because it’s looks like the Daytona and I...
  2. Does CAI really add Horsepower and will it work in Arizona hot weather

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Hey all, I was wondering if the 2016 Charger R/T I have would actually benefit from a CAI here in Arizona. I have heard mixed opinions about adding a CAI. Will it add horsepower? Is it safe for the engine? Will it actually benefit my engine in Arizona heat? thanks!

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    i have a 07 rt with kn air intake and flomaster exhaust, butt it will not got past 125 mph! Smh if i get a pedal commander will that do the trick? And i can pass 125 mph!?
  4. Rear Speaker no working

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    So I bought a 07 RT hemi a couple weeks ago. They had a jvc 6.1” radio in that was rough. So I replaced with a pioneer 1500nex. They also had a PAC interface module already in there. Hooked it all up but I get no sound out of the back speakers. (This is the 7 speaker boston acoustic System) any...
  5. Rear speakers not working

    2007 - MOTM
    I just replaced the head unit in my 07 R/T. It’s the navigation model. I used the replacement interface to hook up the new radio. Got it all together but no sound out for the rear speakers. (It has 4 6x9s in the back). Am I missing something? I also read something about mixing up the connections...
  6. R/T Mesh Grille

    Custom Charger Exterior Mods - Body
    Thinking of getting mesh inserts on my 16 rt any one have any pics of 15+ rt’s with both mesh grille inserts in?
  7. 2018 Charger R/T Super Track Pak "Mango"

    2018 Charger R/T Super Track Pak "Mango"

  8. 2014 Charger R/T Max AWD for Sale

    Dodge Charger For Sale
    Last year of the Hemi V8 with all-wheel drive available. 5.7L V8, 370 hp, 5-speed auto trans. FULLY LOADED: Leather heated seats (both rows), power seats, heated steering wheel, sunroof, Beats Audio with subwoofer - 8.4” display (Sirius/XM, CD, MP3, DVD), Garmin navigation, backup camera...
  9. Good Morning from Oregon! 2012 BSP Charger R/T.

    Newbie Check In!
    Hello! I've been lurking a bit while researching Dodge Charger R/Ts over the last 6 months due to needing room for two car seats in the next month (Baby due mid September!). My 2013 Mustang has been wonderful over the last four years and I managed with one car seat for almost two years...
  10. Hello from Sacramento Ca

    Newbie Check In!
    2017 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7 Stock Any thoughts on the first performance uprgrade i could do? thanks everyone!
  11. New wheels confused on offset.

    2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    im looking to purchase new wheels for my 2013 charger rt. Currently I have 245/45/20 tires on it, and not sure the specs of the current wheels, I was told stock chargers are safe from +15-+25mm for the offset, but also told by another that you’re safe up to +45, I’m worried about interfering...
  12. Daily driver mods to consider

    2016 Dodge Charger Forum
    All, Looking for mods to do on my daily driver. Started it’s life out as a 2016 base model R/T. Mods I’ve done so far: 309 LSD in rear Intake/Exhaust Lowered on mopar springs Front strut brace Fear shock brace Adjustable rear camber arms 12” vented subwoofer in trunk. Scat pack hood Scat Pack...
  13. 16 5.7 exhaust help

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Does any one know where to buy a cheap 2.75-3” straight pipe cat back exhaust, no mufflers just piping for a 16 5.7? I can find systems for older models and the v6 for $200, but i can never find anything for the v8 especially over 2.5”. So far did mid muff and res delete with slp res thrown in...
  14. 3.70 Gears in 5.7 R/T

    Dodge Charger General Discussion
    what kind of gains did you get and what was the mpg change? Worth getting the 3.70 or just the 3.09’s? Looking for more spirited driving.
  15. Help, Salvaged Charger (2015 R/T) Worth buying or not?

    Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about buying a 2015 Charger R/T with ~30k Miles on it. Car has a salvage title and i looked it up on: but I'm not sure about what has been damaged or why it got the salvage title. (Of course i get the...
  16. WTB 2008-2010 Charger R/T

    Dodge Charger For Sale
    If you are, or know anyone selling a 2008 to 2010 Charger R/T please let me know! Looking for something below 70k miles. A V8, R/T, or daytona Package. Located in Texas but willing to travel.
  17. Questions on R/T rear bumper to SRT conversion.

    2015 Dodge Charger Forum
    I was wondering if anyone knew much on converting the rear bumper on a 15 R/T to a SRT. I had someone go into the back of me a kill my bumper and was wanting to replace it with a SRT seeming i have to replace it anyway. I found some information on what parts but and where to get them from dodge...
  18. 2016 Dodge Charger R/T Road & Track 28000 OBO

    Dodge Charger For Sale
    2016 Dodge Charger Road & Track (Certified Pre Owned)( 150.00 Transfer Fee; I will Pay) VIN: 2C3CDXT1GH214649 PRICE: 28,000 OBO *Does have a lien against it* BASIC INFO & BACKGROUND INFO - PLEASE READ ALL Car runs and drives great as it should with only 18k miles . I have serviced this...
  19. Performance Upgrades - Newbie

    2018 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I previously owned a 2016 Charger Rallye 3.6 and in June upgraded to a 2018 Charger R/T Plus. I opted for the Blacktop Appearance Group as well as Super Track Pak. I absolutely love the car and it's so nice to finally drive a Charger that sounds like a Charger. :)...
  20. 2007 charger r/t p3441 code

    Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Hello bros I'm new to the charger fam I'm brought a 2007 r/t for 2500 fully loaded from a family friend he's a rich older guy. Put all new parts under the hood but any ways its a code which is p3441 n I just wanted to know what's you guys thoughts here's a pic any body know ball park price for...