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super 44

  1. R/T Exhaust
    Just got my charger on Monday, flowmaster today! Soundclip
  2. SRT-8 Exhaust
    So, i've been looking into getting some flowmaster super 44's and deleting my reso's as soon as i managed to get some extra money in my "mod fund". now that i have the money prob taken care of I can go ahead and get what i wanted. my question to you guys on the z is, which muffler do i get...
  3. SXT Exhaust
    Hey I just installed a super 44 with a single in and dual out. I had the super 44 installed where the factory muffler is located under the car. They then ran turndowns to right behind the rear axle. It sounds nice and mean and throaty. I do have to admit there is drown, but I'm hoping that it...