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  1. SDTW Direct!
    I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with local owner, Chris, and his 2014 Dodge Charger R/T that we fitted with something very unique - 20" x 10" and 20" x 11" Rohana RC10 wrapped in Toyo Proxes S/T II tires! His baby is also lowered and adjusted with BC coil-over suspension and has many...
  2. Wheels And Tires
    Well I bought a set of Continental DWS tires for the Daytona. (2006 Daytona R/T). I always watch my mileage and if I take it easy, which is normal driving for me, I can have the MPG at 18.7 to 19.2. That was before the tire swap...running the Toyos...255-55-18. I bought the same size (on paper)...
  3. Wheels And Tires
    OK. So yeah this is a "which tire" thread. However, I am doing some footwork in advance and I think I may mention some things that most have not when asking about tires. Hopefully I'll shed some light on the matter for folks. First I live in Miami. My seasons are easy. Summer with rain. Summer...
  4. Wheels And Tires
    Hi. I have a 2006 R/T w/perf package. I'm looking to replace my stock Michelins (235/55r18). Currently looking through STS Tires at Michelin MXV4S8s ($221) versus Toyo Versados ($190). Appreciate any recommendations!