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  1. Newbie Check In!
    Hey guys and gals. New to the community and I’m located in Upstate NY. Looking to meet some locals and start on some more upgrades to this already BEAST of a car. Any suggestions to make her even faster let me know. Upgrades are as follows: Full exhaust from manifolds to tips Inertia motor...
  2. 2019 Dodge Charger Forum
    Does anyone know where you can find information on the stock suspension setups. I was looking into upgrading my sway bars, but I was interested to know what comes stock to compare.
  3. Dodge Charger Drag Racing Discussion
    Yesterday was a good day at the track with my 2014 Charger RT 100th Year Anniversary Edition. I was able to get 3 back to back 13.2 1/4 passes trapping around 106 mph. My mods are AFE intake, Corsa exhaust, and diablo sport tuner running the cannned 93 tune. I have upgraded the rear tires to...
  4. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    5.7 V8 - If you have to choose between these 2 What are you choosing? 1)AirRaid CAI 2)K/N Blackhawk CAI (I understand that there are many other options :))
  5. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    I have a 2006 charger R/T, is it possible to get headers and exhaust, cams and cai purchased and installed by a shop for under 4,000$?
  6. 2016 Dodge Charger Forum
    I've just purchased my first charger, a 2016 RT. I love the v8 but I'm looking to give it a better sound. I've yet to get under the car and to make things easier, was hoping someone had the proper information. What is the stock tubing size into and out of the stock mufflers? I'm looking into...
  7. Dodge Charger Interior Mods & Audio / Video
    I just bought a 2015 Charger a few months ago and I'd like to do some upgrades. It's the SE model. I was considering a supercharger, cold air intake, exhaust, etc. but I have a lifetime warranty on the engine and transmission and all of these things will void the warranty. I'd like to keep my...
  8. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 2.7L
    Hey guys! I wanna upgrade my '13 SE. What mods do you suggest? Also I wanna change the front bumper to the SRT8 style. Is that possible? If you know of any good shops in LA or Socal area let me know! I'm all ears!
  9. 2014 Dodge Charger Forum
    I just got a 2014 se and already thinking about upgrades. What are some worthwhile mods/upgrades and why?
  10. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 3.6L
    Hello, this is my first post on these forums. I recently bought a 2013 charger 3.6 pentastar, I plan on modding as much as possible. So my question is where should i start off? Right now im looking at purchasing a pypes violator exhaust system, but after that im not sure what i should upgrade...
  11. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 3.6L
    Alright so i just bought my 2014 Dodge Charger 3.6l and I want to know all the best upgrades for the car. Im looking at superchargers, diablo tuners, magnaflow exhaust, a water/meth system. what should i put into the car to add Hp, and fuel economy (I know all this can help fuel economy if I...
  12. Dodge Charger SRT8 General Discussion
    I've been stashing away some money so I could add a few more mods, I've got $3,000-$3,500 to spend on parts so far I have a stage 2 aFe air intake filter, an SLP LM1 catback exhaust I need to know what you all think my next move should be? I was thinking headers but I cant find SLP LM1 headers...
  13. Dodge Charger Chassis - Suspension
    Ok so I have a '10 SXT with 63,000 miles on it. I have ordered the R1 performance drilled and slotted rotors with Hawk pads. My suspension is sagging so I have decided to upgrade it with the SRT suspension package from MOPAR. Over the past 3 months I have acquired a (first in the Picture)...
  14. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Hey you guys. I have a 2013 charger rt. I am looking for an exhaust that is kinda loud (Maybe a little louder then the flowmaster 44). Not having any luck finding anything . Please help!!! I want somethng that sounds pretty loud (like the car has some serious balls) but I don't want to have a...
  15. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.5L
    Hi everyone, well I've been working hard to get my exhaust done on my ride. finally got it done today, So I was wondering after k&n intake system, diablosport predator, and exhaust is there anything else in the $200 to $300 dollar range that I can do to my sxt to boost performance? Thanks