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wheel well gap

  1. max wheel sizes

    Newbie Check In!
    I have just joined the group. I am looking for the maximium correct wheel and tire size that would fit under my 2008 srt8 super bee. I have forged the engine as well as D series pro charger. I am putting out about 610 at the wheel. I cannot hook up using 285/50/20. What would you recommend...
  2. Is $130.00 a good price

    Wheels And Tires
    I was told that 255/45/20 was the best way to go for my RT (Non Daytona) since I wanted 20's. I can get Yokohamas new for $130.00 each in my area. I don't car about performance cause I rarely go fast. The guy at the tire shop told me that the SRT8's come with 245/40/20 (I just want 20's...
  3. Vred Question for Atlanta Buyer

    Dodge Charger Chassis - Suspension
    I'm looking to relace my F1's with Vreds (mostly because of the price difference) now that Atlanta has seen it's first and most likely last snowfall of the year. I usually get my local Goodyear dealership to match TireRack's price on tires (plus they include lifetime rotation for really cheap)...