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  1. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I’m trying to widen the stance on my 2015 SXT since I’m not in a position right now to get the newer Charger with the beautiful wide body. I’ve looked at the Vicrez wide body kits and I think I want to get the replica Hellcat wheels and widen up the tires instead. Does anyone know...
  2. 2020 Widebody Hellcat

    Just broke 4,000 miles. Next on the list: lowering springs and a wrap.
  3. Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    I am looking to purchase a 2020/2021 Scat Pack soon, and I am trying to gather some pros and cons of the regular body vs. the widebody. This car will be a daily driver in Massachusetts, so I was wondering if anyone has had some experience with the widebody or just 305 all-season tires in general...
  4. 2013 Dodge Charger Forum
    Hey guys, So I am trying to see if there is a possibility to retrofit fender flares on our dodge chargers. I am trying to get some really wide wheels and tires put in the vehicle. 9.5-10X22 front and 11-12X22 rear. I was thinking of taking the challenger fender flares and modifying them enough...
  5. Custom Charger Exterior Mods - Body
    just recently purchased a wide body kit and im in the process of looking for rims and was wondering what a good size tire would be on a set of 20X8 rims as well as well as the main reason im posting here which is what would be a good off set on the rims with the wide body
  6. Custom Charger Exterior Mods - Body
    Well i finished one up on my person car about a year and a half ago and now onto another one for a customer. Thought you guys would like to take a look!
1-7 of 8 Results