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  1. Dodge Charger Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    Traded in my ‘18 Daytona 392 (regret it, but happy with the new car too). I have a set of nice black 20” wheels with Yokohama Blue Earth winter v905 tires 255/45-20. Used two seasons (x3 months) and have good tread. $850. Cost me $2k from tirerack. pick up in Philly suburbs.
  2. Dodge Charger Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    Selling a set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 Size: 275/40/20R These tires were used for one season. More then 90% of tread remaining. I’m located in central NJ. Local pickup only. Price: $600
  3. Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    I am looking to purchase a 2020/2021 Scat Pack soon, and I am trying to gather some pros and cons of the regular body vs. the widebody. This car will be a daily driver in Massachusetts, so I was wondering if anyone has had some experience with the widebody or just 305 all-season tires in general...
  4. Newbie Check In!
    Just got my 2018 charger scat pack a few weeks ago. Have been on this site quite a bit already, so figured id make an account. I live in PA and with winter arriving I was searching around for information about driving in the snow and couldn't find much. My scat pack is my daily driver for now...
  5. Dodge Charger Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    I have 4 winter Wheels for sale. Mopar police style steelies Goodyear wrt ultra grip tires 235/55r18 I have the 4 center caps and the special lugs to mount the caps Tpms sensors as well Used for 3 seasons Dec- April probably less that 10k miles on them tread probably 70%-80% Looking to get $700...
  6. Dodge Charger General Discussion
    We all know winter weather can be hazardous, not to mention extreme weather conditions like torrential rain. No on ever wants to be out in this weather, but driving a High-HP car with RWD can add to the challenge.... In comes a cool little trick that can be used to tame the beast on the...
  7. Quebec - QC
    This section doesn't seem very active, so that's the opportunity: Hi all! Does anyone have a recommandation about antirust for someone who's going to drive during the winter? No dirty road, but long commuting, and the car sleeps outside. Thanks!
  8. 2012 Dodge Charger Forum
    I recently traded my 2008 Charger R/T Road & Track for 2012 R/T with Super Track Pack. I have a set of 18" aftermarket wheels with Blizzak's for winter driving. Problem is, the 2012 STP has even BIGGER calipers than the '08. The wheels clear the calipers but there is no room for wheel...
  9. Charger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.5L
    Hey guys this might sound like a funny question considering I've own(ed) both of these cars but which one do you think would win in a race and is overall faster between a charger sxt 3.5l and the 97' bmw 528i I havent gotten a real chance to open up with my charger because of winter.
  10. Winterizing
    Hey guys so its december in Michigan and the snow and slush and salt is now arriving day by day. I have an SXT with the R/T package, rims and all with the stock tires. I want to know what I should do to keep the rims and car protected from the snow and salt? I have time each weekend to take care...
  11. Dodge Charger Pictures
    Out of the ice-box for a quick spin to warm her back up. It was only 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and the battery was dead after 8 weeks in the Massachusetts "freezer".
1-11 of 12 Results