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Hello members,

New to the group and have a question regarding the decision to give more brightness to the iconic tail lens of this beauty.

To qualify, I understand most vehicles today feature a single tail light per side while mine differs in offering two.

As per instruction a standard 6 ohm 50 watt hyper flash resistor (in parallel) was added to each of (4) stop/turn LED wires and going to ground. The signals now blink perfectly. The issue I'm having is their brightness.

While the LED park lamps (not requiring a load resistor) are lit and doing their job, turn/brake LED brightness are so low I can hardly make them out. Of course this is contrary and potentially unsafe.

Could having double LEDs per side be causing a change in load impedance and do I need to change resistor values?

On a lark I did an experiment. With the left (bank) I connected two resistors in series at 12 ohms and each pair in parallel with an LED filament. It seemed to work as brightness was restored.

My only conclusion was the 6 ohm value was perhaps too low and drawing more current thus starving their LED counterparts. Could this be because each double lamp feed (per side) draw from a single source? I have only my eyes as proof but seems to be the case.

Searching endlessly online for reference to this issue I've sought confirmation on this with no luck. If any of you have encountered this Impedance factor and could drop me a link would be much abliged.

Have an awesome day, cheers.


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