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full on announcement relating to HP mods for the 2.7's.

scam alert : if its way cheap and telling you crazy results. ask your local memberz.

scam 1: bling lights intake ( im killing this scam b4 it spreads )
check it out and then....
go to your local pepboys and DIY!
jk dont do this save your money for something worth your dollar.

dont be fooled by catch grafix or HP GAINS.

on any cai question. dont do "electric supercharger" or anything that sounds to good to be true with prices that are "cheap" "pennies on the dollar" ect. ect. ect. if the company doesnt provide video or authentic dyno's no photoshop shit . dont buy. simple as that. you get what you pay for. dont expect alot HP mods on the 2.7. its a base.

dont buy anything is chip, look up any they all suck. fact. get a b&g flash!

see you local vendorz for anything listed below.
support them. they keep this forumz going.

cai: k&n or big bully
exhaust: magnaflow, pypes, zoomers, blastin bobs, flowmasters.

headers: the member that has'm wont help us out and get something going. so NO headers. :( . life sucks. ok..

turbo: maybe if your rich like shaq look up sts turbo. or ask a vendor

supercharger: tkt lx/lc 2.7L . again ask a vendor.

suspension ect ect: r1 concepts, peddlers, speedlogix, 213 autoparts.

wheels and tires: ? thats preference and all you.

body mods: 3g and danko and VFN and grip

crazy halos: flashtech

tricked out lighting : ACC

easy to hid and cool projector lights: dashzracing


support vendorz maybe they will throw some modz our way?


2.7s just pop your trunk not hood.

859 Posts
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Great post!! Really helpful!

your welcome man. im looking out for the rest.

I see new 2.7 HP post on the forumz all the time.

I did all sorts of research on products. a year of research on the 2.7L Vin:EER

scammers everywhere. beware. trust a vendor b4 you trust a Ebay account.
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