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U0100 can be the CAN-B or CAN-C bus. C121C is the CAN-C bus. So I suspect U0100 and C121C are both due to lost communication on the CAN-C bus. Check the condition of the wiring harness/connectors to the PCM, ABS module, FCM, throttle body (TB) and the MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure).
P2172 is most likely a vacuum leak but the code can get logged due to the throttle position sensors or the MAP sensor.
Inspect the Intake Manifold and Throttle body for leaks and cracks.
Inspect the Power Brake Booster for any vacuum leaks.
Inspect the PCV for proper operation or any vacuum leaks.
Inspect the MAP Sensor for proper installation

Torque spec on the intake manifold bolts is 9 ft. lbs. Check that they are all tight.
You can have a smoke test performed for detecting vacuum/air leaks.

The PCM provides 5V and ground to the sensors (TB and MAP). Check the condition of the wiring harness/connectors.
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