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I have read so much about the gremlin that lurks in the chargers. I have been reading and studying these for the last 5 years, but I can no longer do it alone. Thanks to everyone and their thoughts. Make sure to check out the graphs I think they are interesting.

2006 Charger Daytona
~160,000 miles
Problem: Stalling (but restarts every single time)

Interesting Notes:
If the car sits for a month or two, it will run PERFECT for up to 4 days. Flawless performance, no lights, solid throttle responsiveness. After 4 days it will stall at a red light LIGHTNING BOLT on dash, throttle responsiveness begins to diminish. After the first stall, every stall there after will happen a rate faster than the previous one, to the point where it will stall out as soon as it starts. At this point you must keep on the throttle in order to keep it running. Put it back in the garage for a month or two, and you are guaranteed a few days of perfection.

U100: Lost Communication with PCM: Modules: TCM, ABS, ESM, FCM (entire CANBUS C)
P2172: High Airflow/Vaccuum Leak Detected (Instantaneous Air Accumulation)
C121C - Torque Request Signal Denied (Module: Antilock Brake (ABS))

Parts changed prior to stalling:
Ignition switch & spindle (NAPA parts)
Catalytic Converters & O2 sensors (1 was NAPA, the other was RockAuto OEM)

Parts Changed after stalling:
Electronic Throttle Control (RockAuto, and probably not OEM. I don't remember).
Accelerator Pedal Position Assembly

Graphing Data Notes: Picture attached
While idling throttle position on a graph will remain stable, and out of nowhere it will rise high and drop(like a horizontal lightning bolt), stalling the car. I assume this is the P2172 happening

APP sensor was changed but the lower signal still shows dropout, but not as terrible as the picture. Picture was from before the pedal assembly was changed.

Rectangle Slope Font Line Parallel
Rectangle Slope Font Triangle Parallel

WHY DOES IT RUN GREAT FOR 4 DAYS AFTER SITTING FOR A MONTH OR TWO? I think the answers lies there in the murky depths.
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