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Anyone know what the problem would be when I turn my headlight switch to the on position, my headlights work but my tail lights flicker for a half a second! Everything else such as headlights, turning signals, hazards etc. only thing that is off is my license plate light and my tail lights I have checked fuses! What would be my best option next? Bulbs are new btw!

Please help

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Could be a ground wire connection issue with the wiring harness. Check all the ground connections to the frame & body to see if any are loose, corroded, etc...
The problem could also be with the FCM (front control module) or the BCM (body control module) The FCM was on earlier model years and the BCM is on newer model years. I'm guessing 2009 has the FCM.
FCM is mounted on the from-side of the fuse box in the engine bay. It doesn't open for inspection but you can check the external wiring harness connections to see if they look OK. The BCM is under the dash on the passenger side.
The FCM controls power to some of the vehicles electrical systems by completing the circuit to ground (low side driver) or completing the circuit to 12 volt power (high side driver).
The following functions are controlled by the FCM:
² Air conditioning condenser cooling fan
² Daytime running lamps - if equipped
² Fog Lamps
² Front and rear hazard warning lamps
² Front turn signals
² Headlamps
² Horn
² Radiator fans
² Rear window defroster power and timing
² Stop, turn signal and tail lamps
² Windshield and liftgate wiper and washer systems
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