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Hello everybody from Minnesota! I'm working on a friends 2010 Charger 5.7 retired police car. The car has what feels like a miss fire when it shifts into top gear with light throttle.
It is throwing no missfire codes, only a P2801 gear position indicator fault code and P4??? fuel level sensor code, the gas gauge doesn't work. The cars AutoStick works for a short time
after the P2801 code is cleared but drops out once the P2801 comes back and can't be engaged until the P2801 is cleared again, we're talking a few minutes. I suspected that the problem was associated with the MDS system dropping down
to 4 cylinders but have abandon that theory after reading that the MDS system is inactive with AutoStick on. The problem seems to be there with or without AutoStick engaged. The problem feels
just like a bad coil feels but again, sets no missfire codes so I'm going hmmmm.... and looking for any input from guys that have been around 5.7 Chargers. This by the way is the first Charger that
i've popped the hood on and driven, what a tiger! If there is a better place on this site to post a message like this please let me know, thanks, Bruce from Minnesota.
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