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I have lifter noise in my charger, and a check engine light showing miss on cylinder 1. I pulled the valve cover off last night and see that the exhaust valve isn't moving as much as the others. This shows that I have a bad lifter. So I guess I need new lifters and probably a camshaft.

My question is do I need to do all the lifters with a new camshaft or can I get by only doing the lifters on the drivers side so I only have to remove one head?

Also where is the best place to get the lifters and camshaft? I have tried rockauto but they are out of stock for the replacement lifters. I can get a camshaft, and gaskets there though.

Is it worth it to pay a shop to do this? It doesn't look too bad to do myself, just time consuming. But a shop would cover the work if they do it.
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