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Title. I am looking for as close to "as new" as possible on all of these items, with the Charger badge being the exception.

If anyone has the blacktop "CHARGER" badge (part no. 68280000AA) I'd prefer that over a chrome one, but either one works for me. This also includes those that may not have the adhesive on them; I can do that myself... As long as it's the full badge, I'm interested. Looking here because I don't think paying $34 for one of these things is worth it.

I'm also after the red stripe badge from vehicles between 12-19. (part no. 68146395AA). I mainly need all the mounting tabs to be intact.

Spoiler can either be an SRT or regular R/T spoiler. Doesn't make any difference to me. Paint color can vary. My car is in Midnight Pearl (paint code PB8) so that would be preferable but I don't mind getting it repainted.

SRT steering wheel (part no. 1XT711X9AA) preferably with the airbag cover.
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