OR BEST OFFER. New Tires; 85,000 miles; Premium Extended Warranty coverage still intact until January 2023. New Ultra-high performance Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06+ tires all around. Speed-rating is higher than vehicle will go, there is no better all-season multi-climate tire available in my opinion. Well-maintained and meticulously cared for. No expenses spared. Premium synthetic oil changes and air filters at regular intervals. Other necessary vehicle services done at recommended intervals or sooner. Garage-kept. It was a 1-owner vehicle when I bought it used at 39,000 miles. Mid-grade 89 or higher gas octane used at every single fill-up as recommended. Vehicle is all OEM except for a couple minor upgrades. No engine modifications, never wanted to risk voiding the warranty.

Upgraded lightweight (and one inch wider) satin black Verde Spry v09 wheels. Original wheels included with car. Original wheels were much heavier and were 19x7.5 with 235/55 r19 tires. Feel free to sell them for $ if you want, they’re in good condition. New wheels are lightweight and not as tucked-in as the originals, and 19x8.5 with 255/50 r19 tires. For some dumb reason Chrysler/Dodge used the same size oem wheels and tires as they put on the V6 models. Trust me, the V8 has much more low-end torque. These wheels and tires help grip the road SIGNIFICANTLY better than stock, much better traction and looks much better and more muscular.

Upgraded Mopar Pursuit-rated front and rear sway bars. Handles turns like it should have from the factory. Handled like a boat originally. Now with a wider track and upgraded dealer-installed sway bars it has great stability through turns without sacrificing smooth and comfortable ride quality. Brand-new GoRhino grille guard with brush guards were attached because I like the way it looks and the protection it offers, along with LED pod-lights. I installed them for the extra lighting in inclement weather or late-night driving on a backroad, but they can be easily removed if you think it’s tacky or do not like the way they look being mounted to the grille guard. 20% Xpel Window tinting applied all around except back window is 5%. This is high-quality tint and does a good job rejecting heat from the sun. 20% windshield tint strip as well. WeatherTech in-channel tinted window visors/guards. I installed the steel rear window guards because I have a dog that I take with me on trips occasionally. I used a rear dog hammock/seat cover whenever he was with me, so the rear seats are still clean and in great condition.

The rear window guards can easily be removed if they are not your preference, or if you simply do not want them, you can sell those for decent $ too if you’d like. I also removed the rear wing/spoiler because I think these cars look cleaner without it, but I still have the original spoiler and will include it with the car so you can install it if you want it or sell it, whatever your preference. The OEM fog lights were replaced with upgraded LED projector fog lamps from Morimoto. They are not simply led bulbs in the OEM housing, these are much better visibility at night and will not blind oncoming drivers. They are DOT approved and legal. The HID projector bulbs I recently replaced with new OEM Phillips/Osram Nightbreaker Laser, the highest quality (and most expensive) HID oem replacement bulbs available. On a side note, the rear license plate lights you see in the pictures are attached to the license plate frame and no holes were drilled into the vehicle. You can keep these if you like, they are not actually attached to the vehicle, I just didn’t feel like removing the whole license plate solely for the photoshoot.

They stopped making AWD Hemi’s for civilians after this generation. This is not a police car. It is a civilian vehicle with some police upgrades. So it is a much nicer interior than a pursuit model would be. It has high-performance cloth bucket seats with 4-way adjustable lumbar and heated feature (also more comfortable and durable than the leather option), still in great condition, no rips or tears, and it has the larger 8.4 inch display entertainment screen along with Bluetooth connection, heated seats, and premium Beats Audio and subwoofer. It also came with the Sport Appearance package and additionally included is Sport Mode and a larger geared rear differential axle, the 3.06, not the 2.65 that came in most of the RWD Hemi Chargers. The larger gears provide stronger acceleration. I loved and babied this car, and the only reason I’m selling is because my family is growing, and I will need to upgrade to a SUV.
If you have any questions or would like to see more pictures of the interior of the car please don’t hesitate to reach out. The extended warranty is 100% transferrable but it expires in January 2023, so if you want assurance of protection then buy the car before then, but I am currently not having any new issues with the car, so hopefully you don’t need it.

it is in great condition overall for its age, and mechanically sound, and has plenty of new parts. I would not call the car “mint” but I spent a lot of time taking care of this car as you might be able to tell from the photos, and the interior is clean and in great shape. I usually make my personal vehicle's appearance, maintenance, and practicality a hobby. I regularly service every serviceable part at recommended intervals or sooner. Underneath the car I replaced anything if it ever even made a sound or looked like it was old. The front bumper has its share of tiny paint chips from mostly highway/interstate travel which is the bulk majority of when I drove it, but the small imperfections are shielded pretty well from the grille guard. The car has had warranty work that I took full advantage of whenever I suspected an issue, even if there was nothing really wrong with it in the first place. And that warranty is still good until January 2023 so you would have plenty of time to drive it around to feel it out and if any issues arise the warranty company would be obligated to take care of it (usually a $200 deductible though).

It's had a new transfer case (less than 3 years/30,000 miles ago), new transmission, and new differentials, front control arms, and a new power steering rack (all less than 15,000 miles ago). Pretty much a whole new drivetrain. I was never reckless with the car beforehand either, but it is a Dodge/Chrysler product so parts only last so long despite the low mileage. I typically drive the car like a grandma now since it has all these new parts because I was planning on keeping this car in as pristine condition as possible before driving it the rest of its life, I never planned on selling, but unfortunately with my current needs I really need to switch to a 3 row SUV. I bought the car at 39,500 miles 4 years ago, (It was a one owner vehicle before I bought it, whoever owned it before me traded it in for a new Ford truck, and it was the dealership I bought it at).

One of the dealerships I've gotten maintenance at recently said that the powertrain feels and behaves exactly like what one of the new 2021 5.7L AWD State Trooper Chargers they had behaved like when I had it in there getting inspected and serviced and wanted to make sure all was good. You'll have the warranty until mid-January but you most likely won't need it since it pretty much drives as well as it's going to get, unless you were to really abuse the car, which I wouldn’t recommend, these cars are much more of a daily driver type of vehicle that has lots of power and likes to have a little fun once in a while. But if you're the type to abuse a vehicle, you have about 3 months remaining on your warranty.. I'd like the car to find a good owner, I've taken really good care of the her.

Feel free to reach out for more pictures, I have hundreds but the site won't let me post more than 3 due to file sizes.

VIN# 2C3CDXDT9DH635190