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2013 Dodge Charger SE - A Built Not Bought Adventure

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Aloha from Hawaii! I have never been a car guy per se, however I finally had the opportunity to purchase my dream model of the Charger back in September and I cant wait to finish modding my car. We call her the "Spaceship" I have yet to touch any performance components; all work that has been done is for entertainment purposes. Below is a list of what I have done to my car:

1) Complete overhaul of the interior sound system.
- I have 6x9 rockville components in the front door, 6x9 coaxials in the rear deck, 2x 12 inch Dual Electronics Subwoofers @ 300RMS @ 4ohm. I have a Vector 6000 amp for the sub and a Boss 3700 4 Ch. for the Speakers.

2) Upgraded Dash Components.
- I added the Metra Dash Kit to a 6.8in JVC Head Unit, and I upgraded the factory 4.3-inch factory screen to the 8.4-inch Uconnect Screen. Both screens operate in tandem for climate controls but also independently. I added an HDMI to RCA splitter with an Amazon firestick and a small audio transceiver and receiver to the top screen so that my son and other passengers can connect up to 2 pairs of Bluetooth headphones and watch anything while I can still listen to music. I can also connect my Xbox, Playstation, etc, and mount it under the passenger seat.

3) Interior Ambient Lighting.
- I have added a rockford switch panel under the steering column that allosw me to turn on the LED lights in the footwell, along the dash and door trim, as well as turn on the 650 stars I have in my headliner with the meteor shower effect.

4) Exterior Ambient Lighting.
- The rockford switch panel also turns on the Flow Series Underglow Lighting Kit and hood lined LED strip.

5) Custom LED Headlights
- My most recent additions are the custom Flow Series Headlights I installed that have 200 unique color combinations and cool lighting effects.

My next project is adding some white 22's and adding the Flow Series lights on the rotors. My mechanic and I are already preparing to do an engine and tranny swap with a 2Jz-GTE Turbo.

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Welcome to the forum from Western NY and congrats on the Charger purchase. Your car certainly looks different from stock, and you have done a lot of work to the interior. Was your car a former police (Pursuit) vehicle?
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Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy the site!
That thing looks clean.

So when is the procharger going on it?
Might want to rethink 22s, the clearance issues & ride quality could be an unpleasant surprise.
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I'd hate to see your credit card bill.

Seriously tho, looks sweet. About the Metra kit, does it feel flimsy to you? I read someone saying that, but since it looks like I'm limited on options, I gotta do the same.

Also, do you have nav set up and if so, were there any issues or modifications involved? Also, I'm stealing that idea about giving your kids their own music.
Sheer genius.

I'm old, and the last good music came out in 1991. My kid doesn't like the Sex Pistols or Motorhead.
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