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I'm sure it's been discussed to death, but I'm new to dodge and didn't see any sticky posts.
I have a 2013 Pursuit, 133xxx miles, 5.7, automatic. It will ding at me and the cel will flash, if I drive easy, it will ding again in a few seconds, maybe a minute, then the light goes out. If I romp on it the light will come on and stay on. When the light is on the car will run rough. If I stop and turn the engine off and back on it will smooth out. If I erase the code it will smooth out. There is no "tick", just the sewing machine type noise at idle that sounds like injector noise.
I have replaced the plugs and coil on 3, swapped injectors between 3 and 1, ran some Seafoam through the i take ( had a disappointing amount of smoke lol like it was clean), and added some Rislone to the oil.
There seems to be no change from all these "easy" fixes.
Sitting in a drive thru yesterday I think I heard a little tick come and go echoing off the brick wall, nothing steady.
Would the beginning of a bad lifter kick on the light? Will the cam be salvageable at this point if I throw lifters at it? Should I drive it until it fails? I deal with diesels and this little engine has me buffaloed!
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