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So I will be honest I was doing some heavy acceleration Just to test out the tire grip and brake stopping power lol 馃槀 when all of a sudden smoke came from the from passenger wheel well I thought it was just tires still smoking but how was I wrong when I stopped and opens the hood I got a strong smell of moisture not Burt oil but water or coolant I then got a Oil change message on the dash so I decided to check my temps and my oil temp was in the high 200鈥檚 with my oil pressure dropping while all my other temps were stable I was told it could be a head gasket or a header someone else said it could be a valve I am not mechanically inclined nor do I have the tools my hope is for a honest reliable shop in so cal that won鈥檛 rip me off or charge me more than a stealership this is a 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit 5.7 180k miles on the dash I just drove it back from the auction in Texas with out any issues once I got it home the problems began any replies or suggestions are appreciated ( written on a cellphone my apologies for grammatical errors )
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