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HELP! After changing a front left wheel hub on my 2007 rt awd, now abs kicks in every time I hit the brakes. I was changing the hub and it was so rusted it that I hadn’t to use a torch to remove the spindle nut and wheel hub nuts. The boot was torn on my cv joint, I Ended up replacing it with a universal one( BAD CHOICE) but it did it anyway. Put the cv joint back in and used anti sieze in the spindle where the cv joint connects to the hub.(some kind of sensor also is there) Put the wheel hub back in and put everything back together.
Now anytime I hit the brakes the abs kicks in(undriveable)
I don’t know what it is could be a multitude of things
1-heating up the spindle around abs sensor(or other sensor not sure what it is)?
2- using anti sieze on inside of spindle? And maybe that sensor
3- something to do with the cv joint?
If anyone is Familiar with the abs sensors/ cvjoints and has done this Before please help.
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