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Are fuel injector issues common?

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I have a 2017 5.7L Daytona model with just under 80k miles. Had my oil changed and the guy says he thinks one of my fuel injectors is leaking and needs immediate attention.

I have no issues replacing the rails, o rings and injectors if I need to as I don't want any issues with my car but if I don't need to then I don't want to waste the money.

I will try to attach a couple of pictures but on the right side of the engine near the injectors there is definitely some type of consistent moisture while the left side is bone dry so that worries me. However, I have zero issues. No misfires, no rough driving or idle, no codes showing and definitely no smell of gasoline at any time.

Just looking for some thoughts and opinions on what some Charger owners think. Curious if injectors are a common issue with my model. You can see the moisture that I'm talking about in this picture below, I tried to dry it out with a paper towel and even a qtip but it's hard to get to. No smell of gas to me.

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Check the o-ring on the oil cap.
Could just be spill from a sloppy oil change too.
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